about your diabetes diet and this instruction

Learn-nutrition: Visual information for diabetes diet was designed to help you learn about the diabetes exchange system. In the diabetes exchange system, foods are categorized into starch/bread, vegetables, fruits, dairy, meat and fat groups. You will learn which foods belong to what group and their portion sizes. It is strongly recommended that you meet with a registered dietitian to discuss:

It is recommended that you eat various foods within the groups and aim to consume foods as they come from nature.

Learn-nutrition: Visual information for diabetes diet is a comprehensive and interactive educational web-based multimedia instruction that is concise and straight to the point including, short text, vibrant photos, interesting nutritional facts, cooking tips, food safety tips, quizzes and a sample 3 day menu. The purpose of this multimedia project is for consumers to learn about nutritional and delicious food choices that promote healthy eating habits, management of diabetes and quality of life. This multimedia instruction can also be used for customers who want to improve eating habits, lose weight, promote heart health, or just learn about nutrition. The multimedia instruction helps the consumers see that nutritious foods are delicious and satisfying, and consumers do not have to deprive themselves of pleasure of eating. It can be used online and offline.

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