In general, there are four colors of apples: green, red, yellow and pink. 

The example of a green apple is Granny Smith, red apple is Ida Red, yellow is Golden Delicious, and pink is Gala.   

There are several kids-friendly dishes that can be made with apples. 


Wash your apples well.  Apples may contain bacterial called E-coli.



1 Apple

To taste Sugar


1.      Peel the skin off the apple.

2.      Cup an apple in quarters. Remove the core.

3.      Dice the apple.

4.      Place diced apple in a pot.

5.      Cover and cook until very soft or pureed over the low heat stirring occasionally.

6.      Add sugar if desired.

7.      Serve warm.


Baked Apple

 1 Apple

To taste Sugar


1.      Place an apple on sheet pan in 350˚F oven.

2.      Bake until it is golden brown and soft, about 30 minutes.

3.      Serve warm.

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