A child's diet has to be adequate, moderate, balanced and varied. 

An adequate diet provides a child with adequate amount calories and all essential nutrients that are required for optimal nutrition of your child.

A moderate means that one food item should not dominate child's diet.  For example, carrots are good for a child but eating too many of them can make the skin of the child yellow. 

A balanced provides foods from all the five major food groups. For example, a balanced meal will consist of potatoes (starch) mashed with butter, whole milk (dairy), ground chicken (meat), softly cooked carrots (vegetable) and apple sauce (fruit).  Different foods provide different nutrients. 

It is important to vary food choices that you provide to your child within the food group.  This is a varied diet.  For example, from a starch group you may want to provide your child for breakfast with oatmeal, for lunch with rice, and for dinner with potatoes.  Next day, you may consider offering your child for breakfast cream of wheat, for lunch yams, and for dinner buckwheat.  

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